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Connect from anywhere

kubi at a nice price

Keep your meetings simple

Be there with your team

Manage teams from anywhere

Hands on possibilities

Take charge of your video presence

kubi gives tablets remote pan and tilt controls, so you can see and interact with people during a video call.

Control from anywhere, over the web, where you look

The easy to use controls enable you to look around naturally and participate in meetings and conversations.

Be there with your team

Don't get left out of the loop. Take part in office discussions. Share in the latest water cooler wisdom. Talk with who you want, when you need to. kubi makes it possible to be part of the team, even if you aren't there in person.
"I work remotely from TX for a company based in San Francisco, and kubi greatly improves my daily video calls with co-workers. With kubi, I can catch all those non-verbal cues by looking around the table to see the current person talking." - Allen S., Senior Mobile Engineer

Keep your meetings simple.

kubi can be set up by anyone, so your team can connect hassle free.
"We needed a low power, easy to use, and portable remotely controlled telepresence system that would work with our current video software. kubi works well and it is great that it's video software independent. Android and iOS support is a big plus." - Corey Benninger, Etsy

Manage teams from anywhere

Bridging multiple offices or trying to manage a business from the road can leave you feeling detached and overwhelmed. kubi helps you maintain your presence in the workplace, no matter where you are.
"The key advantage of kubi for me is the ability to be in any of my international offices when I want, not when somebody "answers". Remote working is cursed by people not responding... kubi fixes that." - Clem Chambers, CEO, ADVFN

Hands on possibilities

Bring in the experts. Get up close and personal. Collaborate and be involved in every detail. With full control of where you look, you can see every project from a whole new angle.
"We started a mobile makerspace for young makers a few years ago. Our program now spans a large region and several states, and kubi is helping us stay connected to our coaches and the young makers they inspire." - Matt Barinholtz, Founder, FutureMakers

Works with any Video Client

kubi Customers

kubi Features & Specs

Cloud-Based Motion Control

Intuitive Control Interface

Spring-Loaded Tablet Mount

Mini USB Port

Light-up Status Indicator Button

Tripod Mount

Cloud-Based Motion Control

KUBI cradles the tablet while two quiet servos move it in any direction, enabling you to look around remotely with easy to use pan and tilt controls accessible through any web browser.

Intuitive Control Interface

Customizable controls are great for group meetings and everyday collaboration. Enjoy precision, tap to center simplicity with Grid Mode, or use Conference Mode to map your conference room layout with saved camera positions.

Technical Specifications

  • 300° Pan, +/- 45° Tilt
  • RGB power button and status indicator
  • Mini-USB cable and AC power adapter
  • 2.25" W x 2.25" L x 11.75" H (w/o base)
  • Unit weight 340g, 680g w/ base
  • Bluetooth LE Auto-Pairing


  • Compatible with iPad 3, 4, Air, and iPad Minis.
    iOS App available in the app store.
  • Compatible with Android tablets that have Bluetooh 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart) AND have JellyBean 4.3/KitKat 4.4+ running.
    Android app available in the Google Play store.


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