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kubi Hacker Edition

I ship in 2-3 weeks!


kubi Hacker Edition


KUBI the hacker edition is a special developers edition of the KUBI classic that is available NOW for beta testing and application development! With all the full functionality of the KUBI classic, this edition is made of laser cut and 3D printed pieces and the same precision servos – but ships in 2-3 weeks so you can have your KUBI and use it too.


  • Fully functional KUBI for developers and beta testers
  • Includes adapters to fit iPad 3, 4, and mini in portrait and landscape mode
  • 300° Pan, +/- 45° Tilt
  • Detachable base with standard tripod mount
  • AC powered – Adapter included

iPad 2 Compatibility
The iPad 2 does not have Bluetooth 4.0 capability and will not work with KUBI.

  • Height 10"
  • Width 10"
  • Depth 2.5"
  • Weight 2 lbs.

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